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Escalator Maintenenance & Servicing

Service and maintenance on all escalator systems should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are functioning correctly. Ensuring your escalator systems are serviced regularly will undoubtedly reduce the possibility of major repair work in the future and therefore also reduce the cost of running an escalator.

Our reporting/auditing service will initially identify and highlight any imminent maintenance problems with your escalator systems. From this point onwards The Escalator Company can cater for all your Maintenance & Serving requirements. Our extensive experience & knowledge allows us to work efficiency throughout the whole project.

We also adhere to all Health & Safety Regulations and ensure our staff are fully aware of company policies regarding on-site maintenance.
If you require information about Escalator Servicing and Maintenance please don’t hesitate to contact us at


The Escalator Company takes pride in ensuring that all escalator installations are performed with pin-point accuracy and are completed to company standards. A well installed escalator will increase the lifespan of that particular machine and prevent post-installation difficulties. Many other companies that perform escalator installations tend to focus on the price that they are able to quote. However by doing this it has been found that quality of customer service is sometimes lost. Here at The Escalator Company this is not the case as not only are we competitive in terms of price, but also provide the highest level of customer service.
We have a strong relationship with all our suppliers, which provides the assurance that all parts we use are both fault-less and 100% ready for their purpose. Furthermore ALL parts used in installation and repairs are thoroughly inspected before being fitted.

Major Refurbishments

From time to time the lifespan of an escalator system does reach its peak and it is at this point that a major refurbishment is needed.
The Escalator Company will bring you the benefits of new technology to enhance appearance, improve performance and ensure economic operation when performing major refurbishments.

Whether it is a basic refurbishment or a major refurbishment, The Escalator Company will work closely with the client to ensure they are fully aware of what work is to be carried out and how best to reduce the disruption within the work place.

- Step Overhaul

The Escalator Company also provides a full step overhaul service, whereby each step is removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled. If a step is damaged we can either repair it or offer the client a replacement. A step overhaul is performed with the least disruption to the place of work and executed with the tightest safety regulations.

- Cleaning

Many of our contacts involve the cleaning of escalators both externally and internally. Over time the dirt that resides within escalators can build up quite rapidly. Unfortunately this dirt can be flammable and thus possess a threat to health & safety regulations. Cleaning the inside and outside of an escalator significantly reduces the risk of fire and promotes a longer life for your escalator.
A full clean up involves the cleaning of steps, skirting, balustrades, handrails, external & internal mechanisms and finishes with a full inspection.

- Repairs

There are dramatic consequences if an escalator is out of action during a busy working day, which is why repairs need to be completed efficiency. The Escalator Company realises the affect that it can have on your organisation’s customer relationship and customer experience.
Our skilled & experienced work force ensures that repairs can be performed both quickly and efficiently.

- Spare Parts

The strong links we have with our suppliers give us the ability to sell or provide spare parts to clients and other companies at a competitive price. If you require any spare parts for escalators please don’t hesitate to contact us at

- Removals

The Escalator Company can also perform complete removals of escalators anywhere in Great Britain. The process is extensive and would need to be planned in advance with the client in order to reduce the amount of disruption at the place of work.
For more information regarding the removal of escalators, please contact us

- Handrails

The Escalator Company offers a full handrail service. Whether it be for a new rail, an insert or just a protector repair, our fully trained engineers will attend the site and carry out work efficiently and with minimum disruption.
We hold in stock 100's of metres of Semperit Handrails to cater for all major escalator manufacturers, including Otis, Kone, Schindler and Thyssen models.
Following the completion of the repair or renewal process, the rail will be buffed, adjusted and cleaned.

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The Rosemor Escalator Cleaner...

The Escalator Company uses a machine called the Rotomac 330, which is built by a company called Rosemor. The Rotomac 330 is a machine unlike anything on the market, which can clean both the flat and upright sections of the escalator steps without the need to remove them. Until now machines could only clean the flat sections and to have the uprights cleaned escalators had to be dismantled and sent away.

This machine gives The Escalator Company a competitive advantage over other similar companies in that clean downs can be performed more efficiency, therefore reducing any disruption in the place of work.
The Rotomac 330 is fast becoming the standard cleaning device in the escalator industry and with The Escalator Company already using the device they are placing themselves in a great position for the future.

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